Restaurant Review..1947

I like to go out and ‘fine dine’ if you will. There are many good restaurants in bangalore, and when I hear a good one I usually feel like trying it out.
I had noticed a board not so long back on the Ring road near Basvangudi about a new restaurant called ‘1947’. So last sunday, I just thought I would try that out with some family friends.
At first I was a bit skeptical about going to this place, because my friends are strong vegetarians and often refrain from entering a restaurant which serves meat and/or liqour. Nonetheless, I thought i’ll take a chance.

To my surprise, it turned out to be a pure vegetarian restaurant with mainly indian cuisine. The place has a very polished feel to it, and clearly shows that the restaurant is pretty new. So we kind of arrived there late.. at about 2:45PM and I was not sure if lunch would still be available at that time. But I guess, since its a new restaurant, they were willing to extend any such deadlines if they had in mind. Also, I found quite a good number of people inside, as I had not seen any sort of marketing done anytime for this place.
The place is also kind of hard to spot, since it is on top of Bella Casa which is a kitchen and bathroom decor showroom.

OK.. back to the restaurant. The inside had a lot of pre independence stuff scattered about. Most noticeably a Chakra and an old canon [surely not loaded :)]. This is where I guess the whole ‘1947’ theme ends…because the the tables and chairs were pretty modern. They had glass tables and pretty modern cutlery. Guess they had those before 1947 as well..;).
Moving on…the food was great. Everything was well prepared. The service was also good as we got what we ordered in a reasonably short amount of time. They looked pretty well staffed to handle a large number of people entering the restaurant. I dont remember what we ordered exactly, but I enjoyed the food.

OK.. now to do it the way pro reviewers of restaurants do.. :)

Food: 3/5 (The 3 is because of lack of non-veg food)
Ambience: 3/5 (Nothing great as such)
Service: 4/5(Pretty fast..without compromise on quality)
Price: 3/5(Vegetarian food is comparatively cheap)
Overall: 3/5

This is a really nice place if you want to go somewhere with family members and relatives and who are vegetarian. There are only a few VEG only restaurants in the city(as far as I have seen).
Better make reservations if you plan to go in the evening. Just to be safe.